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We own validated fixturing tools for major assemblies and substructures across multiple platforms including F-5, F-16, A-10, T-38, and AH-1.

We utilize laser scanning and tracking, video comparators and product models. The use of 3D modeling helps to integrate engineering, manufacturing and inspection processes.

Overhaul: Landing Gear

Inspection: Canopy De-fog Tube

Tooling Fixtures: Horizontal Stabilizer

Assembly: Ammo Box

Assembly: Speed Brake

Assembly: Vane Door Actuator


Kellstrom Defense is committed to quality and continuous improvement at every level of the organization through AS9100 and ISO 9001:2008 registrations, implementing lean processes, continuous quality improvement training initiatives, and a customer service focused business model.

We are also committed to ensuring full regulatory compliance. Our in-house legal and compliance teams maintain robust processes and procedures to comply with all federal, state and local laws including ITAR, EAR, and the FCPA.

This list of clauses corresponds to the Quality Clause numbers identified on all Merex Aircraft Company, Inc. Purchase Orders. The clauses are required to be complied with for all orders initiated by Merex Aircraft Company to our supply chain. Additionally, these clauses are required to be flowed down to any sub-tier vendors.

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