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Kellstrom Repair Services (KRS) is an FAA (3KRR581C) approved repair station specializing in the complete repair and overhaul of APUs, Pneumatic Systems, Hydraulic Systems, Fuel Systems, Avionic Systems, Landing Gear, Wheels and Brakes for defense and commercial platforms.

Our capabilities also extend to tooling development, and avionic and accessory engineering design and fabrication. Our world-class 26,521sq. ft. facility includes state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained technical experts. We also have a customer advocate team that is available to push for solutions to small and large challenges that our customers may face.  


We support most components present in aircraft crew compartments of most major commercial and military aircraft, including gyros and primary flight instruments.

We also maintain a fully functional gyroscope laboratory for the repair and overhaul of directional, attitude, standard horizon, turn coordinator, turn & bank, and turn & slip mechanical gyroscopes. All aspects of gyro repair and test are handled in-house, from rotor balancing to Scorsby testing. The gyro laboratory “clean room” has an independent air conditioning system, filtration, and dehumidifier and an electronic temperature monitor system ensures proper temperature humidity is maintained.


We service a wide range of hydraulic components including variable displacement hydraulic pumps, actuators, hydraulic motors, transducers, servos, landing gear, and brakes. All repair functions are kept in-house whenever possible.

We maintain two hydraulic test stands providing capability for both defense and commercial hydraulic component repair and test. 

The James A. Staley Hydraulic Test Stand uses Skydrol™ fluid and features two media supplies, two return circuits, high flow and leakage flow meters, and a variable drive system capable of up to 7500 RPM. These capabilities allow for testing of nearly every hydraulic assembly and sub-assembly for all commercial aircraft worldwide. 

The Avtron Hydraulic test stand uses MIL-H-83282 or MIL-H-5606 fluid and features two media supplies, two return circuits, three flow meters and a variable drive system capable of up to 5000 RPM. These capabilities allow for all defense platforms that use red oil.

Landing Gear

We offer complete repair, overhaul and inspection for landing gear and its’ sub-components for the following platforms: C-130, P-3, Boeing 707 Derivatives, KC-135, and F-16. 

We have obtained approval by Ogden Air Force Sustainment Center for C-130 landing gear repairs.

Exchange program available. 


Our highly skilled and experienced personnel provide exceptional service in all type of pneumatic accessories including overhaul, repair and testing of a wide range of pneumatic components for numerous aircraft platform including pressure regulating valves, flow control valves, shut-off valves, bleed valves, start valves and many more. We deliver cost-effective solutions and an outstanding turnaround time to our customer.

Our facility features two state-of-the-art pneumatics test stands, high flow, high pressure/low pressure with digital data acquisition capability, altitude chamber up to 50,000 feet.  Component overhaul test stand rigs with hot and cold air capability. 

Component overhaul test stand rigs with hot and cold air capability.

We deliver cost-effective solutions and an outstanding turnaround time to our customer.


We are equipped with a state-of-the-art Universal Fuel Flow Test Stand with a capacity of up to 2,000 gallons and a Sprague Submersible Boost Pump Test Stand which provides conditions for fuel flow simulation that enables the testing of units installed in refueling aircraft such as the KC-135 as well as others military and commercial platforms.  Our technicians, with knowledge and experience in fuel systems, ensure service that is flexible, reliable, and efficient.

We offer a vast number of solutions for variety units that are part of the aircraft fuel system; overhaul and repair capabilities for components such as fuel pumps, fuel flow transmitters, fuel control units, boost pumps, float valves, etc.  Highest levels of safety are achieved using an infrastructure with fuel fumes sensitivity and explosion proof characteristics. 


Our Honeywell certified APU shop offers overhaul, repair, and testing capabilities for various aircraft auxiliary power units (APUs) including Honeywell GTCP36, 85, and 95 series and SHORT-POD® APU modified units, as well as APU accessories such as starters, fuel control valves, load control valves, exciters, and oil pumps.  Our APU test cell, located outside of our facility, features an environmental fit and an automated Digital Data Acquisition and reporting system, acoustically isolated (noise reduction/silencer), fuel tank, adjustable load bank section (generator loading), and bleed measurement sensing section.  An optimized workflow process will guarantee an excellent turn-around time, always focused on our customers’ time sensitive requirements.  Our technical team complements its’ knowledge with years of experience to offer the most efficient, cost effective, and reliable solutions for APU maintenance and service needs.


Wheels and Brakes

We provide overhaul, repair, and inspection of wheels and brakes for commercial and military aircraft, including complete service throughout inspection, non-destructive testing, plating, painting, final assembly, and testing.  Our wheel and brake capabilities enable us to offer an integral service to deliver maximum quality and short turnaround time.

Other Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Accessories

We specialize in actuation and electro-mechanical units such as electro-mechanical actuators, linear and rotary actuators, landing gear actuators, fans and blower, lighting, and gallery electrical units.

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