The Engineered Products segment is based in Camarillo, CA. The site focuses on engineering, manufacturing, and the repair of structural, electro-mechanical and hydraulic components and assemblies. A significant part of our business is also dedicated to project and program management of life extension and upgrade solutions.

We have an in-house team of aerospace, mechanical and electrical technicians and engineers, and platform subject matter experts who are led by skilled project and program managers in a state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing facility.

We offer our customers legacy aircraft solutions that address critical supply chain deficits associated with maintaining operational readiness of aging platforms. We continue to grow our capabilities in order to keep up with the legacy aftermarket demand for engineering solutions, including the re-design and modernization of aircraft systems.


Consistent with the organization’s business model of partnering with our customers to maintain operational readiness, a challenge inherent to operating legacy platforms, we have a three part approach to ensuring comprehensive support for life extension solutions where distribution and/or repair and overhaul are not an option.

Product Portfolio

We continue to grow our product portfolio in order to keep up with the legacy aftermarket demand for obsolete parts. In many cases, we are able to aggregate a product demand across our customer base of users which keeps non-recurring engineering costs down and prices low.

Solution Case Studies

Our case studies illustrate our multi–faceted approach to providing our customers with life extension and upgrade solutions.

LEP – Life Extension Products

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Engineered Products Repair Capabilities

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